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Lightning Clean Hardwood Floor Refinishing Cary, Raleigh, Durham and the Greater Triangle Area


Restore The Look of Your Wood-Flooring

With a deep clean or refinishing of your wood floor, you can restore your flooring to its former beauty.

Refinish Your Wood Floor Without Sanding

Our Orbital machines can deep clean your wood floors to restore the luster, shine and natuaral beauty of your wood floors without the expense and hassle of resanding.

Add Extra Value To Your Home

Restoring the wood floors in your home can potentially increase your home value by the thousands. Deep cleaning or refinishing of your wood flooring is an investment into your home.

Have you noticed signs of wear and tear on your hardwood floors?

If you have, it may be time to have your hardwood floors cleaned, buffed, and refinished by Lightning Clean. In order to avoid a major disruption by having to fully sand your hardwood floors (i.e. high cost, creates incredible amounts of dust in your home causing you to move out for a few days) you should have them refinished every other year depending on how much traffic your floors endure. Keep your hardwood floors looking great for as long as possible by giving us a call today! We’re here to help for all your hardwood floor refinishing needs.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Buffing


If you have hardwood floors in your home, you’re probably familiar with scratches and scuffs. Visible marks on your hardwood floors can be caused by all kinds of things, such as: shoes, moving furniture, drops, pet claws, etc. If these marks are left untreated for too long, it can leave your hardwood floors exposed and lead to future deterioration. To prevent this, Lightning Clean offers professional cleaning and buffing to help bring life back to your hardwood floors and conceal visible damage. That’s why it’s recommended that your hardwood floors be professionally cleaned and polished periodically. With a deep clean you can restore your hardwoods to their former beauty.


One Day Hardwood Floor Screen and Recoat


Screen and Recoat is the best kept secret in the hardwood flooring industry. But it shouldn’t be because it can save you time and money over the life of your floor. A “screen and recoat” is a part of the regular maintenance for hardwood floors that have been finished with polyurethane. It is important to screen your floors at least once every other year in order to avoid needing full sanding. Screen and recoat are done in one day! We remove the old polyurethane coating with a screen, just like a floor sander but using a screen.  We remove all residue from the floors to make sure they are thoroughly cleaned before the recoating process. We then would apply 2 new polyurethane coatings to get a nice, smooth finish.


A screen and recoat is not recommended for floors…

  • that have been finished with waxes (including acrylic products such as Mop & Glo), or maintained with silicon cleaners or oil soaps.
  • with hard finishes like aluminum oxide.
  • that are engineered floors, laminate floors, or vinyl floors.


If you have any questions about your hardwood floors, we’d love to help. Call today for a free assessment and quote. We may be able to save your investment with a screen and recoat and you’ll avoid expensive sanding repairs. Call 919-907-2321 for more information.


Hardwood Floor Old Wax Removal


Hardwood floor protection is a great way to keep your hardwood floors protected from moisture and damage. Protectors should be applied regularly; unfortunately, store-bought wax products can cause build-up and leave your floors looking dull and murky after a short time. Wax removal can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Save yourself the trouble and allow the trained professionals at Lighting Clean to handle all of your hardwood wax removal needs.


Once the area has been prepared, we use a three-step wax removal process to clean, rinse and polish your hardwood floor. Our machine’s rotary brush and self-contained extraction system removes dirt and grime – without making a mess! The cleaning process is then repeated with a neutralizer to restore the pH of the wood, as well as remove any contaminants left on the floor. Finally, an application of a satin or gloss coating restores the shine and beauty to your floors. When you have Lightning Clean remove wax from your hardwood floors your hardwoods will look like new!


Lightning Clean provides “transformational cleaning” with our state-of-the-art equipment to offer you the best possible cleaning results for all your hardwood flooring needs. We are a locally owned and operated small business and have been serving the triangle area for more than 3 years now. We are certified with Basic Coatings wood refinishing classes.




The “Check It Off Your List” Plan

Step One

Schedule a Cleaning online, or give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Step Two

We will deep clean your carpet, upholstery, or tile and grout.

Step Three

“Check it off your list,” relax and enjoy your clean space!

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Our Guarantee To You!

We provide “transformational cleaning” with our state-of-the-art equipment to offer you the best possible cleaning results. As a smaller family-owned business, as opposed to a large franchise cleaning company, we can take the necessary time to make sure the job gets done right. We’ll never try to upsell you but instead will work hard to put a smile on your face and earn your ongoing business.

Ulrich 'Uli' Gradinger

Owner, Lightning Clean Carpet

Some Of The Companies We’ve Helped Clean

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Lightning Clean Carpet

Life gets messy, and when your carpet, upholstery or tile and grout gets dirty; it can make you feel embarrassed. At Lightning Clean Carpet, our encapsulation cleaning process thoroughly cleans and dries fast, so you can relax and get back to living.


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At Lightning Clean Carpet, we know you want a clean work or living space. In order to do that, you need occasional help cleaning your home, business, or church. The problem is, sometimes you just can’t get the job done on your own, which can make you feel embarrassed and dirty.
We believe you deserve a clean home or office. At Lightning Clean Carpet, we are committed to your satisfaction. Our ultimate goal is to earn your respect and then ongoing business. When accidents happen, you won’t need to feel anxious or overwhelmed because you know you have a cleaning expert just waiting to be called.

Here’s how we provide what we call a “transformational cleaning experience” for you. So what was once dirty is made clean once again:
Step 1 – Schedule A Cleaning.
Step 2 – We’ll deep clean your carpet, upholstery, or tile and grout.
Step 3 – Check it off your list, relax, and enjoy your clean space!

So, Schedule A Cleaning. And in the meantime, download this FREE PDF, “3 Helpful Tips To Sustain The Life Of Your Carpet.” So you can stop feeling embarrassed and instead enjoy your fresh, clean space.