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At Lightning Clean Carpet we believe everyone deserves to have a “transformational cleaning experience, ” for their home or office that makes them say “Wow!”

But we also believe you deserve to know how much that cleaning is going to cost BEFORE the job begins.

We Will Never Try To Upsell You

You deserve to know what your cleaning costs will be. Give Uli a call and he will happily provide an estimate of charges to you.

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Lightning Clean Carpet

Accidents happen, and when your carpet or upholstery is dirty, it can make you feel embarrassed. At Lightning Clean Carpet, our encapsulated cleaning system removes soils and stains then dries fast so you can relax and get back to living.


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At Lightning Clean Carpet, we know you want to live in a clean home and work space. In order to do that, you need occasional cleaning help for your home, business, or church. The problem is, sometimes your vacuum and floor cleaners just don’t get the job done, and this can make you feel dirty and embarrassed.  

We believe you deserve to have a clean home or office, with spot-free floors and furnishings. At Lightning Clean Carpet, we are committed to your satisfaction. Ultimately, our goal to earn your respect and ongoing business. So when accidents do happen, you won’t need to feel anxious or overwhelmed by knowing you have a cleaning expert just waiting to be called.


Here’s how we provide you a transformational cleaning experience: 

Step 1 – Schedule A Cleaning.

Step 2 – We’ll deep clean what’s dirty. 

Step 3 – Check it off your list! 


So, Schedule A Cleaning. And in the meantime, download this FREE PDF, “3 Helpful Tips To Sustain The Life Of Your Carpet.” So you can stop feeling embarrassed and instead enjoy your fresh and clean space with pride.


A spill improperly treated can actually seal in the dirt and grime making it a permanent stain.

If neglected, your carpet or flooring will become permanently damaged.

You should probably Schedule A Cleaning …or, I guess you could just try not to look at it and avoid that part of the room?