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Ana De la Joya
Ana De la Joya
Uli was great. He came on time and did the job fast. We cleaned 3 rugs and an ottoman. He was the cheapest quote by far that I got when I was shopping around to get this done. I read his reviews online and I was not disappointed. Very happy with the results.
Cp Ana
Cp Ana
Great Fast Professional Service we love our carpets
Darcy Alban
Darcy Alban
Uli was professional, courteous, and thorough. He was meticulous in his work, and our upholstery, large rug, and carpets look great.
Saddie Lowry
Saddie Lowry
Very professional and reliable service.
Scott Dewey
Scott Dewey
I had the carpets cleaned at my office after a number of years wear and they came out looking great. They were fast to respond to my request and quick in getting the job done.
Alan Houfek, DC
Alan Houfek, DC
Uli was very thorough in his work. He took the initiative to clean a few upholstered chairs that also had stains on them, something we didn't even expect! I would definitely recommend his to other businesses in the area.
Scottie Gardner
Scottie Gardner
You can get your carpet clean, or you can get it Lightning Clean! You can't go wrong working with Uli on all your carpet cleaning needs!
Jaylene Bair
Jaylene Bair
We had the carpets in our office cleaned before fully moving into the space. Uli was through and did a great job! Being able to clean the carpets instead of replacing them saved us about 6k, so we were extremely happy. Highly recommend!
Jeffrey White
Jeffrey White
Great experience with Uli and Lightning Clean Carpet. I was kinda worried as we had several spots from cat vomit on the carpet, which we’d unsuccessfully treated many times. I was new to the encapsulation technique, but Uli explained how it worked... and I’d be hard-pressed to go back to wet methods. We had our floor back within an hour with no signs of moisture. We were able to move furniture and get back to normal within an hour and a half... compared to 24 hours that we were thinking we’d have to wait with a wet wash. Uli is a total pro - polite, accommodating, and not disruptive. A very pleasant experience and we’ll definitely be back. Also appreciated the precautions he took for Covid-19 safety, keeping distance and keeping the process contactless.

When searching for a carpet cleaner near me,

At Lightning Clean Carpet we use state-of-the-art “encapsulation” cleaning equipment to clean your carpet, floors and upholsteries.

What Does Encapsulation Mean?

Our state-of-the-art Orbital encapsulation cleaning system is superior to other cleaning methods used by our competitors. The Orbital cleaning system provides shocking results by agitating the dirty area.

How Encapsulation Is Different.

This is done as the cleaning head moves in different directions, causing the dirt to be broken down into fine polymers. These tiny polymers are then sealed or encapsulated into the cleaning solution only to be vacuumed up completely when dry. Leaving a clean and stain-free carpet floor or upholstery surface for you.

Encapsulation Cleans and Dries Fast!

And best of all, the Orbital encapsulation cleaning system only requires a minimal amount of cleaning solution and even less water to thoroughly clean. Less water means better air quality, and professional cleanings with a faster drying time. Clean. Lighting fast!


It's Formulated!

Formulated with a powerfulsurfactant (sealed bubbles) package that effectively draws soil away from the deep carpet fibers to the cleaning surface and into the encapsulation polymer.


It's Unique!

Unique polymer absorbs soil and holds it in suspension making it possible to recover the encapsulated soil during the normal post vacuuming process.


It Surrounds!

Surrounds and neutralizes oily soil and inhibits the attraction of dry soil so it is easier to remove the soil during vacuuming.


It Sustains!

Helps to eliminate carpet wicking and reduces the potential for re-soiling.

Save $25 Dollars On Your Next Cleaning!

First time customer? Just tell us your first name (we like to know who we’re doing business with) and enter your email below to receive a $25 dollar discount on your next cleaning!

$25 Discount!

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Carpet Cleaning Services

Clean Carpet that dries Lightning Fast!

If it’s possible to clean, we’ll get it done!

At Lightning Clean Carpet, we clean using the Orbot Encapsulation Carpet Cleaner to thoroughly clean your carpet. Providing great results for most dirt, spills, spots and pet soils.

Dries Fast

We use minimal water so your carpet dries fast.

Safe Cleaning Product

Our cleaning system uses a minimal amount of our hypo-allergenic cleaning solution.

Eliminates Stains

Cleaning that protects and prevents permanent stains.

Your Satisfaction Is our Goal

Because we are a privately owned business, we can take the extra time needed to satisfy our customers.

I was so amazed when I saw the carpets after they had been cleaned! They were so filthy in this home that I was hesitant to even bother with getting them cleaned, but I am so glad I did! Uli is very professional and did an extraordinary job! I highly recommend Lightning Clean to anyone and everyone looking for a carpet cleaner!

Yvonne Stewart


Cleaning packages for residential carpet cleaning begin at only $175.

(3 bdr or up to 500 sqf.)

First time clients, fill out the form below and receive a $25 dollar discount on your first cleaning!

For commercial carpet cleaning please call us.

Uli Gradinger

Our Guarantee To You!

We provide “transformational cleaning” with our state-of-the-art equipment to offer you the best possible cleaning results. As a smaller family-owned business, as opposed to a large franchise cleaning company, we can take the necessary time to make sure the job gets done right. We’ll never try to upsell you but instead will work hard to put a smile on your face and earn your ongoing business.

Ulrich 'Uli' Gradinger

Owner, Lightning Clean Carpet

Some Of The Companies We’ve Helped Clean

Michael Sullivan Property Management
First Baptist Church Durham
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Hope Valley Country Club
Salem Bapist Church
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Lightning Clean Carpet


Life gets messy, and when your carpet, upholstery or tile and grout gets dirty; it can make you feel embarrassed. At Lightning Clean Carpet, our encapsulation cleaning process thoroughly cleans and dries fast, so you can relax and get back to living.


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At Lightning Clean Carpet, we know you want a clean work or living space. In order to do that, you need occasional help cleaning your home, business, or church. The problem is, sometimes you just can’t get the job done on your own, which can make you feel embarrassed and dirty.
We believe you deserve a clean home or office. At Lightning Clean Carpet, we are committed to your satisfaction. Our ultimate goal is to earn your respect and then ongoing business. When accidents happen, you won’t need to feel anxious or overwhelmed because you know you have a cleaning expert just waiting to be called.

Here’s how we provide what we call a “transformational cleaning experience” for you. So what was once dirty is made clean once again:
Step 1 – Schedule A Cleaning.
Step 2 – We’ll deep clean your carpet, upholstery, or tile and grout.
Step 3 – Check it off your list, relax, and enjoy your clean space!

So, Schedule A Cleaning. And in the meantime, download this FREE PDF, “3 Helpful Tips To Sustain The Life Of Your Carpet.” So you can stop feeling embarrassed and instead enjoy your fresh, clean space.